What is the Leonardo Electronic Almanac? LEA General FAQs

Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) is a publication of MIT Press and is part of the Leonardo Journal.

It is a peer reviewed publication (ISSN No: 10714391) that publishes across a series of electronic platforms.

The articles are published as PDF and Print on Demand.

There are a different range of projects that LEA takes on within the academic community and that are transformed into online articles, magazine issues, special issues, edited books and catalogues.

LEA supports research projects at a very early stage and participates – through the Leonardo Electronic Almanac Projects (LEAP) – in research collaborations internationally. These collaborations are part of art, science and technology projects and LEA is presently working with a variety of institutions worldwide.

By looking through our section of FAQs there will be a series of items for each different topic explaining submission methods, reviewing process, presentation of publication projects or requests of collaborations.

As a general process we invite artists, scientists and theoreticians to submit to LEA a topic for discussion. This is can be firstly debated within the Yasmin community and then formalized for the public forum of LEA where the discussion continues in a structured manner in order to develop a magazine issue, leaving a record of the process as well as an ‘informed’ and peer reviewed bibliography of information on the field.

Anyone can submit topics for discussion and these are reviewed by the editorial board.

Once the discussion is formalized and structured, with possible synergies and expressions of interest by members of the art, science and technology community, a call for papers is prepared and launched.

The calls for papers can be open ended (with no deadline) or with a set deadline when they are time sensitive. According to the number of responses, format requirements and publication strategy for the chosen topic, the editor in chief may decide to have online articles, a magazine issue or a special issue.

At times we agree with international organizations to publish a selection of conference papers that are peer reviewed. The papers are then collected for either a magazine issue, a special issue or for an edited book that can be published either as Print on Demand or in other formats. LEA prefers to develop editorial projects and a magazine issue on a chosen theme may further develop and become a special issue and an edited book.

LEA is present on Flicker, YouTube, Vimeo and other social networking platforms. A call for artworks can also be launched either to coincide with a particular issue or on its own merit with an appointed curator and in collaboration with international institutions. According to the visual material received and the publication strategy the visual may become part of the online collection of LEA on social networks, may be presented on the LEA gallery or published in a catalog format.

As general rules for collaboration with international institutions, editors and curators, LEA expects – as a matter of courtesy – reciprocal links, logo display and branding through social network, online and offline.